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Friends – from the Director,

As the US Senate debates its tax legislation, I wanted to take a moment to highlight some of the potential consequences of the bill on our efforts to address homelessness in Philadelphia:

1. More people will become homeless.
2. There will be less money to support homeless programs.
3. There will be fewer mental health and drug treatment services available.

Read the Director’s full statement and learn more including an Action Guide published by the City.

Homeless Services

On this site you’ll find useful information on Philly’s homeless housing system including information about why people are homeless, how many and what our strategy is. We also provide information on where to go for help including a list of service providers, how to help homeless individuals, current events and stories of progress on the News page.

Preventing Homelessness

Housing retention, emergency assistance and response, homeless prevention and rapid re-housing are all important pieces of preventing homelessness. These programs provide support, outreach, and assistance to many who are at risk of becoming homeless. There are multiple programs in place for short-term housing and crisis support. These range from shelters to food distribution programs, as well as transitional housing and relocation services.