Emergency Housing

The City of Philadelphia provides emergency and temporary housing to persons experiencing homelessness. Homeless Services administers contracts with various human service organizations to provide short-term emergency housing accommodations, based on an assessment of need, to resolve an immediate housing crisis for persons and families. Case management assistance is also provided to assist households with obtaining appropriate long-term housing. Emergency housing services include:

  • Temporary shelter
  • Ongoing case management services
  • Assistance with obtaining transitional and/or permanent housing
  • Supportive housing for special populations
  • An optional savings program which allows households to save a part of their income for future housing expenses
  • Philadelphia Homeless Outreach Hotline 215-232-1984

Centralized Homeless Intake Services

Centralized Homeless Intake Services includes an assessment of eligibility and service needs of persons and families presenting for placement into emergency housing.  If eligible, persons and families are placed in appropriate emergency housing, boarding homes, or other alternative housing.  Mental health assessments and referrals to drug/alcohol treatment, health services, children and youth services, legal services and veteran’s services, etc., are provided as needed.

If you are currently experiencing homelessness, please report to one of the central intake centers listed. You must go through central intake for an initial assessment of your housing needs before placement into the homeless housing system.

Intake by hours:

Monday through Friday 7 AM-3:30 PM

  • Single Women and Families: Appletree Family Center,  1430 Cherry Street
  • Single Men: Roosevelt Darby Center, 802 N. Broad Street

After 3:30 PM Monday-Friday, Weekends and Holidays

  • Families: Salvation Army Red Shield Family Residence, 715 N. Broad Street
  • Single Women: House of Passage, 49th & Haverford Avenue
  • Single Men: Station House, 2601 N. Broad Street

Intake by category:

Families/Single Women Seeking Emergency Housing Services

Apple Tree Family Center
INTAKE: Mon-Fri: 7-3pm
1430 Cherry Street
215-686-7150, 7151, or 7153

Families Only Seeking Emergency Housing After-Hours Services

Salvation Army Red Shield Family Residence
INTAKE: Holidays & Weekends: After 3pm
715 N. Broad Street


Single Women Only Seeking Emergency Housing
After-Hours Services

Gaudenzia’s House of Passage, Kirkbride Center
INTAKE: Holidays & Weekends:
After 3pm
48th Street and Haverford Avenue (48th Street side entrance)

Single Men Seeking Emergency Housing Services

The Roosevelt Darby Center
INTAKE: Mon-Fri: 7-3pm
802 North Broad Street


Single Men Seeking Emergency Housing After-Hours Services

Station House
INTAKE: Holidays & Weekends:
After 3pm
2601 N. Broad Street (rear entrance)

Men at Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission
302 N. 13th Street


It is a goal of the Mayor and the Managing Director’s Office that government services be available to all who need them, regardless of their proficiency with English. To accomplish this goal for all residents, Homeless Services ensures that limited English proficient (LEP) persons can access all our services. We provide interpretation services on the day the client arrives at intake, as well as printed materials in English and other languages.

Long Term Placement

For long term placement you will need to take the following documents with you to our Appletree Family Center at 1430 Cherry Street:

1. A Philadelphia ID or proof of city residency for the last 30 days is required. This may be in the form of a State-issued ID such as a driver’s license, licensed mail post-dated 30 days or earlier, or a valid passport.

2. If you are presenting as an intact family (both parents together), you must show proof that you have been living in the same household for the last six months, or provide your marriage license, if applicable.

Your Children and Their Documents

If you are seeking services for you and your children, you must provide birth certificates and social security cards for all of them. If you have your children’s immunization records, you must bring them as well.


Please bring with you all medications for all the family members you would like services for.

Case Workers

If you have a DHS or ICM worker, they must accompany you when you present for services.

What Happens at the Center

After signing in, please wait until your assigned number is called before approaching the intake desk. All questions should be addressed to the Security Officers.
When your number is called, please let us know if you are here for any reason besides placement, such as: information about drug and alcohol programs, homeless prevention and rapid re-housing programs, or rental assistance.

If you feel unstable or suicidal at any time, please immediately inform someone at the intake desk so we may assist you accordingly.

Unless your children are participating in our Bright Spaces or Alternative School programs, your children must be with you at all times, inside or outside the building.

We do not know how long you will have to wait. A social worker will see you as soon as possible. Please be patient; this process may take all day.