Three Reports on Homelessness

DBHIDS, Project HOME and the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness release reports on homelessness. Click on the image to read/download the report.


Homeless Services Director’s Report February 16, 2017

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Report from the Director

November 2, 2016
As promised here are the results of the survey of people living on the streets in Aviator/Logan Circle, 2 Penn Centre and Rittenhouse Square.

Summer 2016, Homeless Services Activity, Executive Summary, DBHIDS, TIP Unit

October 2016

This Report provides a summary of the outreach efforts between May 1, 2016 and September 30, 2016. It details outreach efforts during the week of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, response calls, the findings of the outreach surveys administered in preparation for the DNC, the newly added outreach business log books, and results of the quarterly PIT Count. Finally, this report provides an analysis of data regarding safe havens and Journey of Hope programs.


K Counts (End Homelessness in Kensington)

June 16, 2016

Kensington Homelessness Task Force facilitated Kensington Counts, an event in Kensington to count and survey individuals experiencing homelessness as well as connect them to vital resources and services.

A total of four drop-in locations opened for the event from 7pm to 11pm: Catholic Worker, Prevention Point, Mother of Mercy House, and St. Mark’s Church. In addition to these drop-in locations, five cars went out from 7pm to 11pm to conduct surveys and outreach with individuals unable or unwilling to go to drop-ins and Prevention Point’s medical van was stationed at an entrance to the tent city near the Conrail tracks.

All drop-ins and street teams provided food, toiletry kits, and socks. Additionally, basic medical care was available at three locations: Catholic Worker, Prevention Point, and the tent city tracks.

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100-Day Street Homelessness Challenge

The Street Homelessness Challenge is a proven, structured planning and action process “choreographed” by Rapid Results InstituteIt focuses on three distinct groups of people living on the streets of Philadelphia: Youth, Chronically Homeless and Newly Homeless. Three Community teams were established supported by a Leadership Team.

Community Teams Progress Reports

July 11, 2016

Below you will find links to each teams report. Click on an image to download.

100-day-challenge-non-chronic-team-2016 100-day-challenge-youth-18-24-team-2016 100-day-challenge-chronic-team-2016

October 6, 2016

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